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Kaeiri posted Sep 5, 12

Welcome to the <Von Doom> Guild website! This is meant to share any game related info we find, like class or raid guides, patch notes, what have you, as well as any non game related fun things - Facebook, funny pictures, Youtube videos, anything we want really :)
Same rule applies to the forums here as to guild chat: Don't be a dick. That's about it. Post whatever you feel is relevant or cool, don't nag people or be a jerk, not everyone will use this, but we hope everyone will at least check it weekly for new content.
**Please use names we will recognize - your real name or game name - try not to confuse us. Thanks**
If you have not yet updated Tazeck or Rawro on your raid availability, please leave a post on the Raid Policy - Raid Times forum with the days you can and cannot raid, what role you prefer to raid as, and how often you would like to raid in an ideal world. Thank you for registering, reading, and being part of our guild, we love you!
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